Freshly Squeezed in Miami, FL

305 Squeezed juices are freshly squeezed in Miami, FL with only high-quality, natural ingredients. As we like to say, it's “Miami in a Bottle!

Absolutely No Shortcuts

What we do is simple. Our juices are 100% natural with no sugar, no water, no preservatives and no artificial ingredients added. Just the fruit or vegetable washed and squeezed!

No Pasteurization

Providing our community with high-quality juices is our number one priority, which is why 305 Squeezed is never heated. Our juices go through HPP, a process that preserves the quality and nutrients of each juice by taking harmful bacteria and giving it a shelf life of 55 days!

Free Local Deliveries

If you’re thinking “where to get fresh, all natural fruit juices in Miami?” you’ve come to the right place! 305 Squeezed is your friendly neighborhood juice delivery service in Miami and surrounding areas! Our juices can be delivered straight to your door, whether it’s a home, office or hotel. Wherever you are, we’ve got you! #GetYourJuiceOn